Monday, December 26, 2005

Clearing Out The Old to Make Room for the New

The New Year, that is!

Are you ready to embrace 2006 with a vengeance? Are you ready to set your intentions, and put the Laws of Attraction to use in the coming year? If so, the best way to bring in the New Year is by being prepared, by taking stock of all that happened in 2005. Ask yourself, how did 2005 measure up for you? Did you set your goals and watch them materialize? Did you have a few obstacles get in your path? What were some of your challenges and successes?

Here is an exercise that I use with my clients at the end of each year to get them ready for the possibilities of the year to come. It can be a fairly lengthy process; in fact, I encourage you to spend as much time on this exercise as you need, be it twenty minutes or a few hours. You will not be disappointed.

You may want to jog your memory by going back through your calendar, journal, coaching notes, and/or looking at each area of your life: friends, health, personal growth, spirituality, money, career, home, possessions, fun, recreation etc. Answer the following questions, while assessing what 2005 was for you:

  1. Make a list of all of your disappointments, failures, losses, upsets and breakdowns. Acknowledge what these items are. Year-end is a wonderful time to make the decision to let them go, carry them forward, or make a new promise.

    Identify the ones you are willing to let go and on a piece of paper, create a symbol that represents this list. State to yourself, "I now release all old energy back to the Universe and make way for all new possibilities coming my way. And so it is." Take your paper symbol and release the energy back into the Universe by burning it, burying it, or tearing into tiny bits and throwing it away.

    Identify the ones you commit to making a new promise around and hold them to include in your New Year intentions.
  2. Make a list of all of your wins, successes, joys, delights, breakthroughs and just awesome things that have happened to you during 2005. This is a chance to celebrate and own what you have become this year. Where did you step into your power and greatness? Please don't gloss over these. The little stuff DOES count, NO modesty is allowed! It's time to validate and take ownership of all that you have accomplished in 2005.
  3. What have you learned about yourself and your life? What insights have you gained? True insights have the transformational capability to shift us into a new more alive place. As we are blessed with insights, it is important to nurture and deepen these new understandings. These are our wonderful foundation for personal growth.
  4. What are you grateful for? This list might include some of the above, and/or anything else you truly appreciate about yourself, the people, the things or activities that are in your life. There is a basic principle that whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.
  5. What would be a fun, special, personal thing to do for yourself in celebration of your 2005 accomplishments? How will you honor yourself? You deserve it!

This is a powerful exercise designed to put the current year in perspective, and let you ready yourself to move forward into the New Year with your loose ends firmly tied up. I guarantee that you will rediscover some wins that you forgot about, learn some things about yourself, and you may even be able to eliminate some energy drains and leave them in the dust as you move forward into 2006!

2006 is full of possibilities and potential just waiting for you.

Happy New Year! Eva
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