Friday, August 11, 2006

Jeanna and I are ready to have a DAILY BLAST TO BLISS AND ABUNDANCE -- and we're inviting you to join us!

If you were on our 30-Day Experiment, you're going to really love this. And if you weren't it's not too late to join the next one that launches Tuesday, August 29th! Check it out!

In our DAILY BLAST we're amping everything up to a whole new level. This is truly a Feel Good class with Feel Good results.

Each week, we're going to hold two 30-minute lazer-focused sessions to raise your emotional set point to a NEW level -- a level that goes higher and higher and doesn't take a dip.

Twice each week you're going to get an Energy Charge that will put your 'rear in gear' and give you lightning fast results to abundance.


When you change your focus, you change your life!

This means if you want to enjoy bliss and abundance in your life, you need to change your focus. And that's what the Daily Blast is all about.

We're going to show you how to ...

• Focus on what's happening in your head and then align it with what you want in your heart.
• Shift your emotional alignment so you can reach your goals easier and faster.
• Get your belief level up to make things happen.
• Experience less obstacles and more peace.
• Ride the rapids to bliss and abundance!

Too many times, people go after a desire before they truly believe it's possible ... before they are emotionally aligned ... and then they wonder why they bombed out.

In these twice-weekly sessions, you're going to learn how to reach those desires! We're going to take you to new and exciting belief levels. You're going to have a Green Light all the way to abundance.

Classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 5th and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday for 11 consecutive weeks.

Cost is only $97 a month for two sessions a week with Jeanna and Eva.

We hope you'll join us as we REALLY amp up the energy of Bliss and Abundance!



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