Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kick the Year Off Right: Your Feel Good A - Z Guide for 2006

The Laws of Attraction are based upon being able to visualize and feel what you want to materialize in your life. Training yourself to think positively and reach within are awesome tools, but sometimes it can be nice to have a handy reminder! A colleague of mine has assembled a selection of thoughts to reach for, whenever you might need them:

  • Appreciate everyone who shows up on your path
  • Believe in yourself at all times
  • Create your vision
  • Declare what you want and go after it with all your might
  • Experience every moment & observe those that are less than pleasant
  • Flow with the current; it's a lot more fun than paddling up river
  • Go, start, begin - just do it, moving onward and upward
  • Help your neighbor and teach others how to fish
  • Inspire children by being the example - life by demonstration
  • Just be in the moment, accept, allow, forgive and be grateful
  • Keep your faith, trust and know all is always well
  • Listen to the voice within, your inner coach - you're full of wisdom
  • Make every moment magical by just being who you are
  • Namaste - we are all one pure and divine, protected and loved
  • Open up to oneness, the essence of joy
  • Polarity exists in everything. It's diversity that adds spice to life
  • Quit whining. Quiet your mind and have a real heart-to-heart with yourself
  • Reach for the thought that always feels better. It's out there
  • Serve others unselfishly and you serve yourself. Givers do gain
  • Teach others, learn from others. Share, share, share and grow!
  • Utilize your powers of observation
  • Value the uniqueness of 'you' and share the 'you' with others
  • Willpower is within you to create anything you want to be, have or do
  • X-ray yourself through visualizations and see all the possibilities that exist
  • Yield to the child in you. Play, laugh, giggle a lot and have fun
  • Zap some zeal and zest in your life - amp up your positive energy!
- Dory Willer, The Inner Connection Coach

Isn't this a wonderful guide? These are clear, concise, powerful, thought-provoking nuggets designed to remind you to remove doubt from your life, and allow the things you most desire to be attracted. Please feel free to use the A - Z Guide and all of its truth, as a tool to keep you on your chosen path in 2006, and help you reach your goals. Just wait and see how easy it will be to become an attraction-magnet in 2006!


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